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The Secret of Flowers 
by Dr. Solomon Leong AIFD

It shows you how to pick and mix containers to create certain moods or feelings. It also shows you how to distinguish flowers according to their 'personalities'.

It features 3 in-depth interviews with 3 artists from various fieldsof the arts: Ho Hin Shing for Ikebana (Japanese floral art), Penney for Cake decorating, and Caroline for make-up.
We ask them what the word 'beauty' means to them and share common inspirations in search for the secret of hapiness. 

It shows you all the tools and common elements and principles that you need to know when designing with flowers. It also explains to you abstract ideas such as colours and proportion,making complex ideas simple and clear.

All of the designs in this 212 page book are created by Dr. Solomon. All of the pictures too, except those with himself in the frame, are by Dr. Solomon, too. He has even grown a lot of the plant materials used in the designs of this book.

Flowers don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. If we learn the secret of how to communicate with them, any flowers can be just as stunning as the most expensive of arrangements. 


Bringing flowers and designs together, Hong Kong based international award winning floral designer Dr. Solomon Leong has always been at the forefront of floral design.


"The beauty of a floral design is an extension of our personal style, and a window to our state of mind. I see them as a way to connect us with nature and the satisfaction it provides is immeasurable and priceless. Flowers are little jewels that nature gives us, and to learn flower arranging is just like learning the secret code to happiness."


After 2 years in preparation, research and writing, and following the success of his first book ’Solomon’s Blooming Chic’ in 2011, Dr. Solomon’s second book ‘The Secret of Flowers’ will be published in early 2016! Featuring a wealth of knowledge on flowers and practical information, from simple matters such as how to match the right containers for your design to how to inject your personality and style into your arrangements, this book is a great read for all who are interested in flowers.


Flower arranging is an art form. It is also a way of living. For certain, it is through appreciating flowers that we begin to appreciate living. In this book I wish to share with you my love of flowers in an uncomplicated and simple way, starting from how to select containers, and then flowers, and finally how to put them together and inject your personality to create your very own style.


The idea of mixing flowers with daily objects, such as newspaper and balls of strings, interests him a lot. “Flower arranging can never be separated from our daily existence, and through interacting flowers with other elements in our lives, we are made conscious of the way we experience our world.”










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