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Hong Kong Tatler’s Ball 2015

This has been a challenging and rewarding design, and for such a prestigious event.  “Where sophistication meets luxury”. Indeed.


For this eye catching piece, suitably massive phalaenopsis orchids and steel grass were chosen to entwine and revolve around golden globes of chrysanthemums, all poised upon smoky, mercury vases. A grand design for a suitably grand occasion!


“The theme to which we were to design was ‘Let is Shine’ and so the first thing that came to our minds was naturally the phalaenopsis orchid. We love this flower because of its shimmering petals and its elegant stems: perfect for a society event.”


Throughout the creation of this design we endeavoured to keep the whole tablescape clean and crisp, with nothing exaggerated. The end result was extremely satisfying:  a very modern and almost minimalist approach, with touches of geometric lines from the steel grass here and there, giving the whole experience a flowing and rhythmic impression. 

商業合作:香港Tatler Ball 2015

為香港一年一度的名流盛會Tatler Ball提供花藝設計是一件令人興奮同時也充滿了挑戰的事情。今年,我們以 “當優雅遇見奢華”为主题,為與會者呈獻出一個高雅靈動的晚宴會場。


“當優雅遇見奢華”,大量頂級蝴蝶蘭清雅高潔,純白花瓣閃閃發亮,花莖線條流暢優美;加上鋼草圍繞在銀灰色的水銀花瓶之上,以小菊花鋪砌成的金黃色花球嵌入其中,整個花藝設計與現場氛圍完美結合,充分表現出宴會的主題“Let it Shine”,讓生命閃耀,如鮮花般綻放!



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