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So nice to be back in home!

For the last six weeks I have been on a marathon flower tour! 
I was first in London for Chelsea flower show which I got a gold medal, and then I was in Holland and in Barbados WAFA world show as a demonstrator. Finally I was in Seattle USA taking part in the AIFD symposium. Thank you Jimbo sansei for your invitation. 


As my title of my book ' The secret of flowers', which talks about the joy of floral designs, I have truly experienced happiness through flowers in this trip! 
Flowers are beautiful on their own. But they are even more beautiful when like minded people are brought together in peaceful and creative harmony! 


Wishing all my friends well, and wherever you are, a week full of creative energy!

In 'The secret of flowers'  Dr. Solomon shares many tips and ideas about how to find happiness in flowers. You can visit our website  where you can purchase your own copy.

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