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Weekly OMAKASE DIY flower menu

A brand new concept, the “omakase” DIY flower menu from SOLOMON BLOEMEN contains a weekly selection of blooms of unparalleled freshness and quality, carefully curated by Dr. Solomon. Every week he will be showing you how to make use of the materials in the menu to create a beautiful design, and 
every week is different! You can now create and floralize your home without setting your foot outside!
Every flower menu contains a beautiful variety of flowers and foliage, mostly sourced from Holland and various destinations around the globe.  Detailed video tutorial will be provided so you can follow step-by-step to create your own masterpiece!

Starting from 2020, our patented OMAKASE DIY flower menu has offered more than 100 different designs created by Dr. Solomon, forming a huge source of design inspirations for those who are interested in floral design. You can see some of our designs below or in our YouTube channel:

SOLOMON BLOEMEN OMAKASE提供大師嚴選時令花材包,連教學短片,為你講解每一個插花步驟。每周更新一次,每次設計不同,開始至今巳有超過100個精彩設計! 宅在家中,內心絕對需要一末生氣及療癒氣氛,在家也可走入自然的花花世界。 無限次回放教學短片的連結附在花材包內,可重複觀看,所以一定學會。 Learn to be an expert! 。

Omakase Flower Meun – 7 Oct 2022

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Flower Menu

(self pick up)





Flower Menu 

(HK Island delivery)





Flower Menu

(self pick up)



For 4 consecutive weeks

(self pick up)



Flower Menu

(HK Island delivery)  



For 4 consecutive weeks

(HK Island delivery)


Omakase Flower Meun – 1 Oct 2022

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20220930_flower menu.jpg

Omakase Flower Meun – 11 Sep 2022

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20220909_flower menu.jpg

Omakase Flower Meun – 19 Aug 2022

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20220819_omakase fresh menu.jpg

Omakase Flower Meun – 29 Jul 2022

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20220729_omakase fresh menu.jpg

Omakase Flower Meun – 5 Aug 2022

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20220805_omakase fresh menu.jpg

Omakase Flower Meun – 22 Jul 2022

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20220722_omakase fresh menu.jpg

Omakase Flower Meun – 1 Jul 2022

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20220630_omakase fresh menu.jpg

Omakase Flower Meun – 24 Jun 2022

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20220624_omakase fresh menu.jpg

Omakase Flower Meun – 17 Jun 2022

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20220617_omakase fresh menu.jpg

Omakase Flower Meun – 10 Jun 2022

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-02 at 12.17.09 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-06-02 at 12.17.09 PM.jpeg

Omakase Flower Meun – 03 Jun 2022

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20220527_Flower Menu.jpg

Omakase Flower Meun – 27 May 2022

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20220527_Flower Menu.jpg

Omakase flower Menu – 13 May 2022

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20220520_flower menu.jpg

Omakase Mother’s Day Special – 6 May 2022

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20220506_omakase fresh menu.jpg

OMAKASE FLOWER MENU 220428 –  28 Apr 2022

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20220429_flower menu.jpg

OMAKASE FLOWER MENU 220420 –  20 Apr 2022

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20220422_omakase fresh menu.jpg

OMAKASE FLOWER MENU 220415 –  15 Apr 2022