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Leeds Castle Flower Festival 2017​

For centuries Leeds Castle has been one of UK's most iconic places.

From 23-28 September 2017, the Maidstone attraction will be welcoming horticultural lovers to its annual Festival of Flowers.  


Together with 21 top Florists from all over the world, Dr. Solomon has been invited to showcase their finest displays in, around, and on the castle walls.


Titled the 'enchanted gallery' Dr. Solomon has made use of David Austin roses, local hops and a whole range of exquisite flowers.


Together with porcelain from Wedgwood and cake design by Zi Chik. The installation is in itself an enchanted floral journey.

利茲城堡(Leeds Castle)





而這個秋天,以「An Enchanted Castle迷人的城堡」為主題的精美花藝,更將為利茲城堡增添全新的甜美氛圍。




獲獎無數的國際知名花藝設計師梁靈剛博士 Dr. Solomon Leong,將用上大量的David Austin大衛·奧斯汀庭院玫瑰、精美的Wedgwood韋奇伍德瓷器以及奢華定制蛋糕,創作大型花藝裝置,裝點利茲城堡的

「Queen's Gallery 皇后畫廊」!


Floral Demonstration


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