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Hong Kong Tatler Special Feature

2 Feb 2016

In the lifestyle magazine Hong Kong Tatler Feb issue, Dr Solomon talks with Act Studio Property’s founder Carl Gouw about flowers and living space; he also created a series of floral decorations for the showcase apartment in the prestigous location in Jardine’s Lookout.  Click the image to read the details!


Once you step onto the driveway of the newest house in Moorsom Drive, you instantly feel like you’ve been transported into another world, as if you’re walking into a beautiful painting. Every detail catches the eye and it doesn’t take long to realize you’re walking through an artistic creation.


This luxury property, which sits on a rare single lot, is the creation of Acts Studio Property. The firm describes the bespoke house as its masterpiece, and that’s a fair description given its modern architectural design and elegant interiors featuring plush materials, subtle contrasts and gentle hues. Acts’ in-house and external professionals are rightly proud of the project, which they have guided from conception to completion to marketing.


“It took some years to renovate this house,” said Carl Gouw, the award winning designer and developer who founded Acts Studio Property, a multidiscipline property and design group, in 2005. “The architectural envelope is definitely on the modern side and you can see each floor is very generous. The space flows smoothly from one area to another. The large glass façade of the double height living room connects the indoors with the outdoors.”


Gouw, who has created many luxury hotels and residences for Acts, explained that there were several areas of the design focus with such a marvelous property. While the house itself is unique in Hong Kong, and hence commands a high price, the property was also purpose built and designed with the right buyer in mind.


“Whoever lives in it will be neighbours to billion-dollar houses, so we imagined the buyers will want some sophistication, hence we have marble, chandeliers, silverware, in-laid timber tables, all these luxurious materials that enhance the design without compromising or conflicting with the strength of the architecture,” said Gouw.


To help show off the beauty of the house following its launch on the market, Acts invited Solomon Leong, a renowned and influential floral designer, to provide his expertise and insight. Gouw said Leong’s imaginative floral creations added flavor and aroma to the property.


“We are delighted to have Solomon create an extra layer of luxury for this magnificent project,” added Gouw. “His pieces complete our picture of ultimate living refreshment. Solomon responds to the built environment we created and expresses creativity in floral designs using a unique language of his own.”


Indeed, the spectacular floral arrangements enhance every aspect of the three-storey detached house, which includes a living, dining room and four en-suite bedrooms. As well as extensive landscaped exterior spaces.


“I jumped at this great opportunity to work with Acts,” said Leong, who expertise is highly sought after across Asia and Europe. Leong regularly receives top accolades for his work, including winning the Best Floral Arrangement award at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show in London.


“A lot of people underestimate the power of flowers.  They are organic, but they can also be architectural, and this house offers the perfect backdrop for botanical materials… They breathe life into the interior,” said Leong.


Indeed, Leong has identified and accentuated one of the most striking features of the house. Not only do his pieces respond to the overall design, but he has done a remarkable job in emphasizing how the design provides a fluid connection between the interior and the outdoor spaces, which is the core value and design philosophy of Acts.

(Extract from Tatler Hong Kong magazine Feb 2016)



Tatler杂志二月号中,与别墅的建筑设计公司创办人Carl Gouw 一起分享对于融合现代奢华建筑风格、家居花艺设计及生活品味的独到见解

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