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Hong Kong Flower Show 2017

Hurray ! SOLOMON BLOEMEN has just won the grand award in design excellence in this year's Hong Kong flower show! 
Many thanks to our team of assistants and students for all the hard work they put in to make this installation work!
Titled "Return to Innocence" this installation depicts 3 suspending golden banana leaves filled with specimen orchids. Like boats they are filled with our hopes and dreams embarking on a journey in search of the simplest and most innocent form of joy: being with and living with flowers.

好消息!!Dr. Solomon剛獲得香港花展2017最佳設計大獎(Grand Prize in Design Excellence)!非常感謝SOLOMON BLOEMEN的助理和學生團隊的參與和支持!Dr. Solomon的作品以「瑰麗回歸」為主題,三片巨大的金色芭蕉葉承載著色彩豐富的大型蘭花盆栽,就像三艘承載著我們的期盼和夢想的太空船,帶我們啓程尋找最純真的與鮮花一起生活的快樂。



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