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Dr. Solomon Leong floral demonstration at the 2017 Hong Kong Flower Show.
Titled: Rose Garden

What a lovely day at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2017 presenting a floral demonstration on behalf of the Hong Kong Flower Club. Lots of Fun, sharing, joy and tips on flower arranging to the public! 
Where there are flowers, there is happiness!

Show dates: 11-19 March 2017 at Hong Kong Victoria Park.

Special thanks to everyone who has helped in preparing and facilitating this demonstration, and LCSD for invitation.






感謝所有在場幫忙與支持的SOLOMON BLOEMEN助理、學生及朋友們。也再次感謝香港康樂及文化事務署的邀請。



Hong Kong Flower Show 2017

Floral Fashion Design

International Floral Designer: Dr Solomon Leong, Solomon Bloemen 
Body Painter: Bonnie Bon Yiu
Model: Catherine Zhaoxi


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