Fundamentals in Floral Designs Module 3 (F1 M3) 

There are 5 modules in this course and each module contains 4 lessons with a total of 20 lessons. Lesson is to be taken on a weekly basis with 1 to 2 weeks break in between modules.

Estimated length to complete this course: 6-7 months
This certificate constitutes part of the basic requirement for our CFD accredited course.

-Weekly class on the very basics of Floral Designs.
- Those who wants to learn floral design right from square one and build their knowledge on solid ground.
- Those who wants to gain a certificated education in floral design.
- Those who wants to make a career change.


- A certificate will be awarded to student upon completion of the course (5 modules) (80% attendance rate is required)
- Eligibility to further professional education in the UK with our affiliated floral design school.
- Possibility to participate in the AIFD PFDE programme, subject to further lessons and professional education at SOLOMON BLOEMEN 


Teacher: Ms. Bonnie Chu CFD AIFD

Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm

1) Date: 12 December 2018 – Hogarth Curve Design

2) Date: 19 December – Vegetative Design

3) Date: 9 January 2019 – Pillowing

4) Date: 23 January 2019 –  Wreath


Course Fee: HK$6,800 for 4 workshops (all floral materials are inclusive)


Class size: Max. 6 persons


* Once you enroll the first workshop, the following workshops will be enrolled automatically.


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