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Floral installation at World Flower Garden Show

At the World Flower Garden Show 2015 Dr Solomon’s floral design “Floral Paradise in Lines” won a Gold award in this prestigious International Floral Design event!


Held in Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki, Japan, the World Flower Garden Show is one of the largest flower and garden shows in the world. Every year the event invites top floral designers from all continents for special floral and garden displays, as well as the international floral design contest. In 2015, the organiser invited 14 designers from around the world to participate in this renowned competition.


Dr Solomon shared his thoughts on his approach to his award winning arrangement. "For me paradise is a space of calm and peace. It is a space where we can fully appreciate the movement in flowers, accept and enjoy them as they come, and their natural charm and aesthetics."

He gives more insight into the piece itself.  “Set against two blank white walls that offer infinite possibilities, our gentle and linear composition offers a dreamscape of flowers which is both a living paradise and an installation with a soul.”


Expanding on the concept for this spectacular installation, he finally added:  “ I have made use of  lines as a design element to create a sense of lightness and serenity, where flowers and their surroundings can merge into a seamless whole”. 


This is actually the second time that Dr. Solomon has won in this prestigious flower show. In 2014 he also won a Gold medal as well as the ‘Best Use of Colour’ Award.


继去年荣获金赏及最优秀色彩赏後,Dr. Solomon于今年的日本花展(World Flower Show 2015)同時問鼎金赏(Gold),最佳创意赏(Best in Design Innovation),以及最佳展品赏(Best in Show)三項大獎!




今年的主题是花的天堂(Flower Paradise),对于自己的获奖作品,Dr. Solomon说,“我利用线条建构简约宁静的空间,让鲜花融于其中,展现其自然美态和趣味。在全白纯净的环境中,为这个柔和的线性作品注入灵魂、并塑造无限的想象空间,让她穿越往返梦境与现实的天堂。”

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