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Chinese New Year 2017 

The Best of International Floral Design

When East meets West and tradition meets contemporary fashion, intricate new designs and fantastic new art are born! 
To celebrate Chinese New Year and ELEMENTS’ 10th Anniversary, we’ve invited internationally award-winning florist Dr. Solomon Leong and acclaimed floral designer Alex Segura to design a gorgeous new floral display for the mall. Prepare to be spellbound by their floral magic!



慶賀新年及 ELEMENTS 圓方十週年,我們特邀橫掃多個國際大獎的 Dr. Solomon Leong 梁靈剛博士和諾貝爾獎頒獎儀式設計花藝大師 Alex Segura 攜手設計大型花藝裝置。率先為你送上兩位國際花藝大師的精湛藝術!



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