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Dr. Solomon wins the Flower Festival Designer Award at Leeds Castle’s 900th Anniversary


Fantastic news to share that Dr. Solomon Leong has won the Leeds Castle flower festival designer award at such a special year of “the loveliest castle in the world” when it is celebrating its 900th anniversary.

Titled “Floral state of mind” which located at the Yellow Drawing Room of the castle where the design resembles the movement of music! Dr. Solomon’s design is inspired by the quote “perfumes are the feelings of flowers”. His display presents the emotions of flowers through a party of fragrance, colours and forms full of vitality. Materials include wonderfully scented garden roses and long sliced bamboo cane which are a symbol of his home country Hong Kong.

A huge thanks for the gorgeous garden roses from Alexandra Farms and wonderful flowers sponsored by Hoek Flowers and supplied by Leeds Castle.

在 “世界上最美麗的城堡” 英國列慈城堡慶祝900周年之際,梁靈剛博士在城堡的花藝盛典中贏得了最佳花藝設計師大獎。梁博士位於城堡的 Yellow Drawing Room的花藝設計, 運用了香味濃郁的庭院玫瑰及富有香港特色的長切竹。 梁博士的設計將鮮花中繽紛燦爛的顏色,豐富的形狀及鮮花所散發出的香氣交織成一首優美的樂曲。

非常感謝 Alexandra Farms 赞助的庭院玫瑰和由Hoek Flowers及列慈城堡贊助提供的鲜花。


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