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Workshop 1 SOLOMON BLOEMEN  X Iittala


Date: 10 Dec 2016 Saturday

Session1 (Dried materials): 10:30am- 12:30pm  

Session2 (Fresh materials): 2:30pm- 4:30pm

Content: In this workshop we will be creating festive and chic arrangements suitable for the modern home. Using naturally warm materials such as cotton and branches as well as berries, the arrangement will be arranged in the legendary 'Aalto' vase by Finnish design guru Iittala. The end result will have an unstructured, natural piece with Nordic charm.   

Teacher:Dr. Solomon Leong CFD AIFD

Class size: 6ppl (MAX)

Cost: HK 4,000 per person (all materials included)

1. SOLOMON BLOEMEN x iittala工作坊



第一節:乾花材 10:30-12:30

第二節:鮮花材 14:30-16:30

在這個工作坊當中,Dr. Solomon將會帶領學員以芬蘭品牌iittala經典花瓶「Aalto」搭配感覺溫暖的棉花、樹枝和漿果等資材,創作北歐自然風格的時尚節慶作品,非常適合裝點現代家居。

導師:Dr. Solomon Leong CFD AIFD



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