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'Be a Lady' launching event!


4  Nov 2016

Exciting new project next month!!


Introducing 'Be A Lady' this fall. HK's first boutique pop-up event.

Seven premium brands have connected to create the first annual boutique pop-up event, titled ‘Be A Lady’ this fall. Each lifestyle brand will bring their own take on how to be a lady and look back to the past for inspiration. In this fast paced city, we seem to forget the etiquette and charm needed to be an elegant lady. We aim to bring those values back to the modern day girl through a series of workshops and events. This will be the first of it’s kind in Hong Kong! Our curated selection of


Brands include:


Tea Saloon by Another Fine Day Blooms Tea
Bunny Garden

Blooms Tea
Parfumerie Trésor
Rachel’s Kitchen
Solomon Bloemen


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