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SOLOMON BLOEMEN is the design studio owned by award winning floral designer Dr. Solomon Leong.

Here at SOLOMON BLOEMEN we provide expert floral consultation and design services ranging from big events, such as weddings and corporate occasions, to small couture items such as bouquets and corsages.

Floral services provided by SOLOMON BLOEMEN are artistic, bespoke, and distinctively original.  Throughout the years, Dr. Leong’s aesthetic approach to floral designs has won him a wide spectrum of clientele ranging from the social elite and celebrities to professionals with eclectic tastes.

Dr. Solomon Leong also provides floral design lessons for those who are interested in designing with flowers. Courses are comprehensive and class sizes are usually small. Serious learners and hobbyists are all welcome.


Influenced by the English garden style and the European flower arranging ethos, the work of the Hong Kong based floral designer Dr. Solomon Leong have been described as ‘extraordinary’ and ’striking’ by international media such as the BBC.
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Competitions have formed an important part of Dr. Leong’s professional life. In 2006, 2008, and 2014 he was awarded the Gold Medal and the Best Floral Arrangement Award at the world renowned Royal Horticultural Flower Show at Chelsea in London, UK. At the same show, he has also won the Gold Medals for 2011, 2015 and Silver Gilt for 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2012. In 2014 and 2015 he was invited to be one of the leading international designers at the World Flower Garden Show in Nagasaki Japan, where he won Gold medal for both years. At the same show he also won a series of awards including the ‘Best Use of Colours Award’ (2014), ‘Best Innovative Design Award’ (2015) and ‘Best in Show Award’ (2015).

As well as competitions, Dr. Leong is also an active floral demonstrator who has demonstrated regularly at the Hong Kong Flower Show and other locations both locally and abroad.He presented floral art demonstrations in the Putrajaya Malaysia International Flower Show ‘Flora’ in 2011, and in the Singapore Garden Festival International Designers ‘Web of Life’ in 2012, as the sole representative from Hong Kong.

As a doctor of philosophy in cultural studies, Solomon’s extensive knowledge of cultures and history in relation to floral art has turnedhim into a successful commentator of floral designs. He has been interviewed by media such as the BBC, TVB, the Radio Television Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Economic Journal as well as the South China Morning Post, amongst many others. The November 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan Bride Beijing named him ‘one of the 50 influential Chinese voices in the wedding world’.

His unique approach to floral styles and aesthetics has made him a regular contributor in fashion and lifestyle magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, both in Hong Kong and China. In 2010, His works were featured in the prestigious Floral International Biannual 2010/11, and Jubilee edition of International Floral Art 2014/15 which showcases the most creative floral designers around the world. In 2010, ‘Solomon’s Blooming Chic’ was published in Chinese. ‘Secrets of Flowers’, the bi-lingual book which Dr Leong as author, floral designer and photographer of all his floral designs, was published in 2016 Spring.


Dr.Leong is the director of SOLOMON BLOEMEN bespoke floral design studio, a renowned bespoke design studio based in Hong Kong providing expert floral services for a distinguished clientele.Since 2012, he has been appointed by ELEMENTS as the artistic consultant for the prestigious shopping mall in Hong Kong, specializing in bringing cutting-edge floral designs into the retail environment.

Dr. Leong is a member of the AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers), the World Flower Council (Hong Kong Chapter), and the Royal Horticultural Society. He is also the President for the Hong Kong Flower Club (an affiliated club with NAFAS under the region of London and Overseas) and Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Flower Arranging Societies.

Selected credentials


  • Director at SOLOMON BLOEMEN Bespoke Floral Designs Studio
  • President of Hong Kong Flower Club
  • Chairman of the Association of Hong Kong Flower Arranging Societies
  • Member of the Royal Horticultural Society
  • Member of the World Flower Council Hong Kong Chapter
  • Member of the American Institute of Floral Designers
  • Member of the World Association of Flower Arranging Societies
  • Member of the Ikebana International Society
  • Artistic Consultant at ELEMENTS


  • Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show London
    • 2005 Silver Gilt Medal Award
    • 2006 Gold Medal Award
    • 2006 Best Flower Arrangement award
    • 2007 Silver Gilt Medal Award
    • 2008 Gold Medal Award
    • 2008 Best Flower Arrangement award
    • 2010 Silver Gilt Medal Award
    • 2011 Gold Medal Award
    • 2012 Silver Gilt Medal Award
    • 2013 Silver Medal Award
    • 2014 Gold Medal Award
    • 2014 Best Flower Arrangement award
    • 2015 Gold Medal Award
    • 2016 Gold Medal Award
  • Hong Kong Flower Show
    • Grand prize for design excellence 2006 (for HK Flower Club)
    • Special prize for design excellence 2007 (for HK Flower Club)
    • Special prize for unique feature 2008 (for HK Flower Club)
    • 2009,2010, 2011, 2012 Special prize for design excellence for SOLOMON BLOEMEN
    • Grand prize for design excellence 2014, 2015, 2016 (for SOLOMON BLOEMEN)
  • Fusion Flowers International Designers of the Year
    • 2014 Silver Prize FREE CHOICE Category
    • 2014 Bronze Prize CIRCLES Category
  • World Flower Garden Show, Japan
    • 2015 Gold medal, Best in Design Innovation, and Best in Show award


  • Singapore Garden Festival
    • Junior/young adult section, 2006
    • Junior/young adult section, 2012
  • Hong Kong Flower Show
    • Western flower arranging, 2009
    • Western flower arranging, 2010
    • Western flower arranging (students category), 2011


  • 2006- 2013 Hong Kong Flower Club
  • 2008 Hong Kong World Flower Council
  • 2008 Oui Wah Flower arranging academy (Macau)
  • 2009 Capel Manor design group (UK)
  • 2010 Capel Manor design group (UK)
  • 2011 Woodford London design group (UK)
  • 2012 Southern Demonstrators design group (UK)
  • 2012 Stimulus design group (UK)
  • 2014 Spectrum Design Group (UK)
  • 2015 creabsolu design Workshop series (Guangzhou)
  • 2015 Capel Design Group (UK)
  • 2015 Vanguard Contemporary Design Group (UK)
  • 2016 Masterclass, Design Group ‘New Visions’


  • 2002-2016 Hong Kong Flower Show
  • 2005-2012 Asian Floral Art exhibition Hong Kong
  • 2007-2010, 2012 Guangdong Flower Council exhibition
  • 2007 NAFAS national show, Harrogate
  • 2008-2012 World Flower Council Winter Exhibition Hong Kong
  • 2008 World Flower Council Silver Jubilee Exhibition Macau
  • 2008, 2010 NFD annual exhibition, representing Hong Kong
  • 2011 Putrajaya Malaysia International Flower Show ‘Floria’ representing Hong Kong
  • 2011 World Association of Flower Arranging Societies Boston World Show, representing Hong Kong
  • 2012 Singapore Garden Festival International Designers ‘Web of Life’
  • 2014 WAFA World Flower Arranging Show Dublin, representing Hong Kong
  • 2014 Flower@Oxford, feature designer
  • 2014 World Flower Garden Show, Nagasaki, Japan
  • 2015 Dutch Lily Days China, Beijing
  • 2016 Feature Design at TangShan International Horticultural Exposition, China


  • 2002- 2016 Hong Kong Flower Show
  • 2005-2011 Asian Floral Art exhibition Hong Kong
  • 2007-2010, 2012 Guangdong Flower Council exhibition
  • 2008-2012 World Flower Council winter exhibition, Hong Kong
  • 2008 World Flower Council Silver Jubilee exhibition, Macau
  • 2011 Putrajaya Malaysia International Flower Show ‘Floria’, representing Hong Kong
  • 2012 Singapore Garden Festival International Designers, ‘Web of Life’
  • 2013 International Flower Design Show, World Flower Council Sapporo
  • 2014 Flower@Oxford
  • 2014 World Flower Council summit, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2015 Dutch Lily Days China, Beijing

Industry publication features

  • China Flower and Gardening News 2007
  • ‘International floral design bi-annual’ 2009-2010
  • International wedding floral design magazine ‘Fusion Flowers Wedding’ 2010, 2013/14
  • Korean international floral design magazine ‘Leaf’ 2010-2013
  • International floral design magazine ‘Fusion Flowers’ 2012, 2013/2014
  • UK international flower arranging magazine ‘The Flower Arranger’ 2012, 2013, 2014
  • FLORA International Feb/Mar 2013
  • Russian international floral design magazine ‘Flowers’ March 2013
  • Florist and Wholesale Buyer Chelsea Flower Show Special, 2014
  • Industry Design Blog ‘Flower Today’
  • Belgian International Flower Journal ‘Fleur Créatif’, Spring 2015

For coverage of Dr Solomon Leong’s design by international media, please check the Media Coverage section.